Food post!

Since coming in to l’appartement, I’ve been spending a lot of time in la cuisine, trying to turn the groceries we bought into meals we can eat for weeks to come. I’ve made bread and peirogies (this did not come out as well as hoped. Ah well), refried beans and tortillas, SO many pancakes, pizza dough, and cake–I’ve been having lots of fun. Not lots of fancy fun, but who am I kidding? If it can be made cheaply and isn’t fondant, I’m in.

Clearly not fondant.

And now I’m all baked out. We need more bread–and I think I’ll do it tomorrow. Today I’m being lazy–it’s a day for laundry and the learning of French and a leisurely bike ride later. It is not a day for la cuisine. We’ll eat leftovers.

And oh! What “leftovers” we have. I also made quiche. Quiche is great, because you can throw basically anything (plus a dozen eggs) into an oven, and several weeks worth of meals comes out. I ended up with 3 9-inch round quiches, and 1 tart-sized quiche, and they’re delicious.

Full ingredient list: mushrooms, asparagus, onions, spinach, cheese, and eggs.



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