Uh oh, and shows

I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been a week since my last post. At least.


It’s been a biggish week, by summer vacation standards–Jazz Fest 2011 started, and that means I got to see street performers.

There were very acrobatic red people, who leaped on stilts in ways that I cannot:

(Right after this picture was taken, the man in the middle slipped on the very rainy street and fell, landing on one knee and his tailbone–to which he said “Ta Da!”)

And violin players:

Check out her Quebec sticker. This was also on St. Jean-Baptiste Day, which is important because John the Baptist is the patron saint of French Canadians (really). It’s the national holiday of Quebec.

And a boy and his doll. Easily the most creepy.

Something else also started this past weekend: Fireworks! For the next several Saturday nights, there will be more than frat parties starting around 10:00 or so (do frat parties happen in the summer? Or start at 10:oo or so, ever? Is Montreal too cool for frats? Do French frats serve french fries at their parties?). Every year, Montreal hosts an international fireworks competition. You can pay to sit on the island where the fireworks are launched, and get the same view the judges get, but lets be practical–these are fireworks. It is very hard to hide fireworks. Most spectators gather around various parts of Old Port in Montreal to see the show for free. In some locations, loudspeakers blare the accompanying music (this at first struck me as odd-music to accompany fireworks? But it works. I promise), but in others, it’s necessary to rely on portable radios–which for us was a glamorous fish-shaped shower radio, stuffed into a bike helmet. We’re cool.

This week the show was from China, supposedly by the same fireworks company that did the Beijing Fireworks for the Olympics (Kate, are you reading this? We totally watched that at your old apartment. Good times!).

I only went to one fireworks display last year, and what stood out to me was the incredible color. This show seemed to place a lot more emphasis on the shapes created by the display:

This photo isn’t actually related to any event–it’s just a normal day at Le Palais, that happened to be captured last week–but I can’t help but put it in.

Who could resist that face? And the redhead isn’t bad either.

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One thought on “Uh oh, and shows

  1. How do I not remember that?? I must have been really high on drugs… ahh the drugs days.

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