Le Palais

Although the title might have led you to believe otherwise, I am not actually living in a French palace. I am, however, enjoying l’appartement, which is located in the smack-dab middle of Montreal (kinda sorta. I actually have no idea where the middle of Montreal is. But I feel rather central). I’m 20 minutes (by foot) from the busy busy busy downtown, 2 minutes from a park, 3 minutes from a grocery store, 15 minutes from a cheap grocery store, and (most importantly), 7 minutes away from an ice cream shop that sells 4 flavors of chocolate. My beautiful travel team (Lady Toyota the Second, and Bethany/Juliette/Beatrice, the multi-lingual GPS) has been parked idle for almost a week now, and that’s lovely, after the 30 hour drive to get here.

The cats are adjusting nicely–I think. Since arriving, they’ve oscillated between being comatose (they’ve never slept so much–perhaps big cities tire them out too?) and INCREDIBLY clingy. Line of sight is not enough. Sometimes petting is not enough. Sometimes (ahem–last night), they must actively be ON TOP OF me. This was way cuter when they were kittens; it is significantly more of a hassle now that Hunter weighs 9 lbs, and still thinks that a proper comfort-seeking behavior is to sit on my neck. As I write this, I’ve got one cat on an arm of a chair, and another on my lap.

Lets tour, shall we? Le palis has lots of excellent features.

There’s a kitchen:

It’s smaller than it looks, but I find that the size makes me no clumsier than usual. I’ve been settled in for less than a week, but I think most of my waking hours have been spent in this room (more on that next post).

There’s also a living room, which Hunter is nice enough to show us. Think of him as a smaller, more tangibly adorable Vanna White.

His modeling skills might need some work, but hey, he’s only 1. He sleeps on/owns the beige couch.

There are windows, with lovely wide windowsills. I compete with the cats for reading space.

And another window, which is where Atlanta generally spends her days. This is also the window that siren sounds (which occur quite frequently, as there are also 2 hospitals within walking distance) come through loudest. She’s been rather unfazed thus far.

When she’s not in the CatCorner (or on me), she likes to steal my chair. This is where I write from:

Beautiful place, no?


Special shoutout today, for some upcoming holidays:

Today–Happy Birthday Gramma and Mom! Women with the strength of stone and hearts of gold–I’m so lucky to have you both in my life. Mom, thanks for teaching me how to live life spontaneously, and joyfully (where else would my “eat dessert first” and “everything washes” mantras come from?)–and Gramma, thanks for letting me teach you about jewelry, I’ve been amazed at some of the stuff you make!

Tomorrow–Grampa, you are so missed. Happy Birthday. Wish I was in Irwin to tell you.

Sunday–Happy Father’s Day! Dad, thanks for teaching me how to shoot a gun, gut a fish, love the earth, and be unafraid of independence and responsibility.

Much love to family, friends, and Texas.

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One thought on “Le Palais

  1. janel carlisle

    Shauna, lets hear a bit of french next time; it all sounds amazing!!

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