The Final Frontier

I have chosen an ominous title for this roadtrip, for this journey that will take me from central Texas through northwestern New Mexico and across the great state of Colorado, because it is my last trip before graduate school. I’m so excited to be back on the road–having just left my job, but having not yet started classes, I feel like I can really rest in a way that’s just hard to do otherwise. And once school starts, it doesn’t stop or break for two years. And while I would love to take a trip immediately after school (but before my first post-graduate job), I know that I’m enough of a workaholic that that just might not happen. This might be my last roadtrip for like, a long time.

Also because my  dad is a Trekkie, and I can’t help myself.

Dan and I left Texas yesterday, striking out from Lubbock (where a family friend was kind enough to put us up–thanks, Michael!), and ending up in Fruitland, New Mexico, where Dan’s uncle Doug and aunt Izzy are being fantastic hosts. Dan is driving his car (which is a stick shift, and I haven’t gotten it together enough in my life to learn to drive a stick shift) the whole way, and that leaves me free to look at the landscape…which is one of my favorite things to do on a roadtrip. This country is CRAZY DIVERSE. The panhandle looked like this:


And then we started seeing things like this:

New Mexico

And then BOOM:


Mountains. Uneven horizons make my heart sing.

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