Old Friends With New Babies

One of my very favorite things is when two people I adore get together and make a third person.

It’s both terrifying (this little person will live longer than both their parents and myself, so hooray for the deep dark fear of mortality) and wonderful (this little person is made of great people, but will grow up into an entirely unique and separately great person), and weird (How is it that I’m now old enough that friends are reproducing and it’s not a scandalous big deal?).

The first stop Dan and I made in the great state of Colorado was in Almont, at Harmel’s Ranch Resort. I’ve never stayed at the ranch, but I tagged along with the wranglers at the stable for a lot of summers growing up, and wanted to stop in and visit some friends. The first year I was there I had just turned 12, was kind of a bother, and was assigned to follow a few wranglers around:


These are those people, 11 years of life, 4 years of marriage, and a baby later. They now live close to the ranch and run the stables.

We tried to get their little miss to smile for the camera:


But she was not having it (I wish I looked that cute when my unsmiling face shows up in photos).

After we ate dinner by the Taylor river, I took a walk down memory lane around the stables. There were a few horses corralled for the night, and one was way excited about the possibility of being photographed.



After I took this photo, my camera promptly went on the fritz–so you’ll just have to take me at my word when I tell you that we saw marmots,  chipmunks, rivers running around mountains, and then we stayed at the cutest hostel in Gunnison before setting off for Denver.


These are the roads I’ve been looking for.


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