Indian Market and Festival


Traditional dress (I believe Apache? Possibly Navajo) and dance demonstration

I went off to school in liberal Austin, Texas, and so it feels really weird for me to write about the “Indian Market and Festival”–that makes me feel like I should have come away from the event smelling like tumeric, with a belly full of curry, and eyes dazzled by saris in ALL the colors. Since I left this event with brand new turquoise jewelry, a lingering desire for Navajo fried bread, and eyes dazzled by traditional dances, I feel like I should be writing about the “First People’s Cultural Festival and Market”, or “Native American Festival” or “Navajo and Apache Market and Dance Day”. I don’t want to be offensive!

But the Farmington, New Mexico website totally talks about the Indian Market and Festival, and there was a banner at the event, and people mentioned it like it was no big deal, and so I think it’s time for the politically sensitive white girl in the room to get over it.

The event took place in Berg Park, which is a wonderful green space off the river in Farmington. There were booths set up selling pottery, jewelry, clothes, and pictures (I’m not posting pictures of what I bought, but some people at home should be excited), and another section full of booths selling things to eat: Navajo fried bread, crushed fruit, flavored ice, and what looked very similar to mexican street corn. We arrived early and lingered around the shops, but were really blown away by the dance demonstrations.

White Mountain Apache

White Mountain Apache

After the shows, we took a quick hike by the river to a veteran’s memorial site, and finished the day with a meal at a winery (where Doug and Izzy treated us to green hatch chile wine! Tastes far better than it sounds). To say Dan and I have been treated well here is a gigantic understatement.

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