Smorgasburg, with a side of gluttony

New York City

When Chelsea and I originally planned this trip a million months ago, we did it because we knew we’d both have vacation days to use, and I’d never been to NYC (she had, and was keen to go back). My plan for the trip went something like this:

1. Chelsea and I will board a plane and fly off to New York City.

2. Chelsea and I will arrive in New York City.

3. Chelsea and I will be in New York City.

4. Chelsea and I will leave New York City.

5. Chelsea and I will arrive back in Texas.

And that was about it.

New York City

Chelsea had other plans (which is not especially surprising, since I essentially had NO plans)–and those plans were 9 kinds of awesome delicious.

The vast majority of our days were spent eating, and walking to other places to eat. We saw an off-Broadway production our second night in town, hopped over to Staten Island, and went to Central Park, but those were our only non-food outings.

For 4 days. I may not eat for a week. I feel like a bear trying to store up for winter, except that it’s spring, and unless I *just* woke up, I just don’t have that much in common with bears.

New York City

One of the best/most concentrated food events, hands down, was Smorgasburg–a weekly shindig that happens in Brooklyn on Saturdays in the spring/summer. Local food companies set up trailers, carts, or booths from which to sell food. There was a huge variety–from vegan ice cream to St. Louis-style BBQ, coconuts to drink and spring rolls to eat, mexican street corn on a stick and a tent that sold nothing but biscuits. I enjoyed some prickly pear lemonade, and it tasted like home.

New York City

I also saw kombucha being piped directly out of a cooler (they were also selling ready-to-go SCOBYs, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to get that past security on the flight home:

New York CityI didn’t buy these macarons (no regrets, I got my fill of dessert), but LOOK AT THOSE FLAVORS. I want to make cookies that taste like those things…

New York CityAnd lastly, in a remarkable show of self-restraint, I didn’t buy these vegan doughnuts.

New York City

…but I won’t tell you how many biscuits I ate.

You don’t really want to know.



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