New York, New York

Guys, this country girl went to The Big City.

Not “a big city”. THE Big City. The Big City That Never Sleeps And Is Also A Big Apple.

…I might be getting my NYC monikers mixed up.

Anyway, I went, for fun, with a friend, and had a really wonderful time. I used to live in a co-op, and as luck would have it, a lot of co-op alumni have made their way to New York. This genius, who used to study at UT and now studies at Columbia, put me up for a few days. Thank you, Sebastian!

New York City

“How did you talk me into this?”

And this girl, who loves food more than anyone I know, painstakingly planned our meals. She looks tired here because she is a walking encyclopedia of New York eatery knowledge, and that takes a lot of effort. Also because she had to put up with me for like, 4 days straight. Chelsea, you were the best travel companion.

New York City

I’ll leave you with this picture from Central Park, before I post other trip details (bridges and food and subway tracks are on the way!). This adorable house was on the northeast corner of the park, and juxtaposed with the sky-scraping apartments, squatting correctional facility (directly behind, not visible in the photo), and to-die-for bakery (also behind the house), it sums up a lot of my NYC impressions. What a vibrantly busy, multifaceted place!

New York City

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