Rachel’s Blessing as I Leave Seoul

Rachel accompanied me today to Incheon International Airport, where I jumped on a plane and flew home, feeling very bittersweet and really glad I took this not-summer vacation. In between subway stops, she crafted a blessing for my trip, which was just so gosh-darn touching that I had to share. Her words go something like this:

May the road rise to meet you, for starters, because Irish blessings are a good place to start. May the road not rise too meet you too fast, however, because you are leaving Seoul by plane, and too-fast-road-rising generally indicates crashing. May the road rise to meet you at exactly the right pace, and may the pilot time that correctly because she/he is well-rested, well-fed, alert, and gifted with an unprecedented inherent talent for airplane-maneuvering, which has become near-perfect through years of training.


A Cultural Demonstration (and so many shop-signs) in Myeong Dong

May the security line not be too long, and may you not get pat-down, felt up, or rushed through like herded cattle. May all the security officers smile, instead of doing that scowly thing some of them sometimes do, which almost always garners some degree of sympathy. May your feet not stink too much when you take off your shoes, for the benefit of everybody.

May you not sniffle and look busy like you’re maybe trying not to cry in the security line. It’s ok to be the leave-er in an airport. Tuck it in.

May you get a window seat. I know you requested that, and it’s way easier to sleep when there’s a wall to lean on. You really ought to sleep. Maybe drink until you’re sleepy? Just kidding. Don’t do that. Or do. Or don’t. (Don’t.)

Street decorations for a cultural festival, bridge near Haneul Park, marigolds near park entrance, biking/running train on Han river

Street decorations for a cultural festival, bridge near Haneul Park, marigolds near park entrance, biking/running trail on Han river

May your seatmate be a tall, thin, smokin’ hot single man of appropriate age who is whip smart and totally down for conversation if you want to talk. May he be all about leaving you alone if you’re listening to that awesome feminist book I put on your ipod, or sleeping. May he buy you overpriced airplane drinks. May he be totally willing to join the mile-high club if you’re into that (please please may you not be into that, because it is impractical and gross and porny and you are way classier and it is illegal), but may he be too tall and and also too classy for this to work anyway. May he also have an awesome feminist book on his ipod. May he be a gazillionaire intent on spoiling you rotten.

May you experience no flight delays, for any reason. May you not have to idle on the tarmac, because that is obnoxious. May you experience perfect flying weather always, but most especially on landings and takeoffs, because those are scary.

May the meal service start quickly and consist of food that does not require chopsticks. May you be surprisingly upgraded to first class! May you sleep at times that make sense for your final destination, so you have no jetlag.

May the movies be fabulously entertaining, and also ones you haven’t seen before. May they be The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, because those are my favorite, except that you’ve seen them.

Cosmo from Haneul

Cosmos in Haneul

May the weather at home be beautiful and full of fall.

May the wind be always at your back–you’ll get there faster.

And may I see you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Blessing as I Leave Seoul

  1. lostalreadyinmy20s

    I wish my words were actually as eloquent as yours! See you soon lovely lady.

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