The Scariest Thing in South Korea

So, in order to show you the scariest thing in South Korea, Rachel and I had a photoshoot–because really, there are no words that can do this justice.

Here we are!


Lookin’ all normal (well…relatively).

But wait! What’s that!?


That’s our inner (outer?) Hannibal Lectors, and um, we paid money for this product. For some reason.


This is the South Korean version of a face mask. For beautification. Like, after you emerge from your horror flick, you’re more beautiful.


Or something.


It’s not smearable. Or wash-off-able (really, it’s more of a stick on-then-peel-off action). You’re supposed to let it be in contact with your face for 20 minutes, but that’s hilarious.

We clearly just finished burying someone.

We clearly just finished burying someone.

But luckily, when you’re done, your face looks like your face again.


And thank goodness.

EDIT: For a fun mini-lecture on why we find things creepy (including lots of information on facial ambiguity), head on over to my favorite vsauce video

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