Sea Kayaking and not-cliff jumping

Before I tell you all about the sea-kayaking adventure Rachel and I had on Sunday, we have to talk about jellyfish. We saw several.

The jellyfish we saw were bigger than any I’d ever seen–we saw a few in the water (the biggest about 2 feet across) and several on the sand, beached and dying. The ones on the sand were quite large:


Brave new friend Stephanie, with scary big jellyfish

And the biggest one we saw was almost the size of a dining room table. I thought this was impressive, so I went home to look these jellyfish up, and guess what?

The ones we saw were babies. Cute lil babies. This is how big they are full-grown. They’re called Noruma’s Jellyfish:

picture courtesy of

picture courtesy of


The sea-kayaking was a daytrip via Adventure Korea, and it was pretty fun. Rachel and I paddled with a group of about 30 people around 2 beaches and an island, jumped off a big rock (they called this “cliff jumping”, but that’s untrue), and lounged on the beach like we were heiresses. Or, I did my best heiress impression. Rachel succeeded at looking dignified. We both got horribly sunburned (really badly…we both had to wear skirts Monday because pants were just TOO MUCH PRESSURE). It was lots of fun.

Post-kayaking, we went on the shortest hike ever, and saw gorgeous, gorgeous rock formations–and 2 houses!

(Houses are really rare around Seoul, so this was maybe a bigger deal than it should have been.)

post-hike, pre-burn assessment.

All in all, it was an awesome day.

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