A Chopstick Tutorial

My first meal in Seoul was a very humbling experience. It consisted of  (in ascending order of difficulty): miso soup, kimbap, rice, coleslaw, kimchi, Weird Unnamed Gelatin Block, and fried pork. Rachel was super-patient, but it took me forever to wrestle with the metal sticks beside my plate, and she was kind enough to give me pointers, over and over, until I got it.  Now meals aren’t nearly as hard.

Maybe, dear reader, you are all kinds of wildly proficient with chopsticks. That’s awesome!

But maybe you’re not.

And maybe Rachel can help.

After 9 months in Korea, she’s kind of a chopstick master. This is her basic guide:

Chopstick 1 goes in your hand like this.


And then you add chopstick 2:


You’ll know you’re doing it right when the top chopstick feels like an extension of your index finger–it’s the only one that should be moving. Good luck!

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