Street Art

Atlanta is a city.

You may already know that (look at how smart you are!), but my last post was all about green things and a mid-metropolis oasis, so I feel compelled to tell you that I also know that. Atlanta is a city, and it’s big and messy and loud and there’s some awesome street art, ranging from the purely informative:


To the artistic.


There’s old art, which was included as part of the road construction:


And new art, which was added later:


This is my favorite, by far.


This isn’t technically street art, but if I had a commercial business in a neighborhood that loved their wall-paint, I might make this my sign, too:


This old building makes me think of greek myths, despite the fact that I know of no greek myths that feature badass women riding velociraptors (…and that’s kind of a shame):


And this was really weird, but I loved it. A modern Green Man?


Like a liger…but a cross between different animals. An elephand?



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