So, I landed in Atlanta on Thursday…which makes it sound like I flew. I didn’t. My proposed 1-day driving marathon turned into a 2-day road trip with a stop-over in Jackson, Mississippi (where I did no sightseeing, and so I cannot tell Jackson from a hole in the ground), but the first thing I did in Atlanta was visit a land trust, so that makes me feel like “landing” is an appropriate verb. I walked all over some land. I looked all over some land. I land-ed.

The Lake Claire Community Land Trust is a block of land with some gardens, and an amphitheater (with a weekly drum circle), and some animals, and some ponds, and some trails, that is open to the public. There’s another section of it that is composed of rentable houses, and that’s closed to the public…so I didn’t go there. But if I ever move to Atlanta, I’d totally want to live there. It seems awesome awesome awesome.

When you first walk on to the property, there are a bunch of fruit trees.

Split Apple

I’m sure that split in the apple means something…like the Virgin Mary on Toast, or patterns in salt. Exactly that significant.

Also, there were figs. Because this is Eden, and fig leaves have to come from somewhere.


After the fruit trees. you find this guy:


This is Big Lou the Emu. He has duck-friends, and dinosaur-feet. He likes melons, leaves, and long walks on the beach (preferably leafy beaches with melons). He dislikes cameras.





After you pass Big Lou, you find the Center Of The Known Universe.


So that’s legit. After you pass that, you find some thrones/oversized chairs.

These are way better than the Iron Throne, because they’re made of wood, not swords (…there’s a joke in there somewhere), and Joffery has never ever sat in them, not even once ever. And there are hearts carved on the bottom of them.


It was here, sitting on the Lovely Throne, that I realized how terribly my shoes were suited for landing in Atlanta. Who wears these:


to walk on this?


WalkingShoesThis girl.

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One thought on “At-Land-Ah

  1. Luc

    Awesome, how long will you be in Atlanta ? Your picture are so great, look like you got a very good camera ! You should post on your blog more often

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