I never uploaded the canoe-camping pictures, or wrote an update to my last post, which clearly promised an update. Oops.

Forgive me?

I made it back to Austin safe and sound, in the company of a great friend I met up with in Michigan. On the way I got to meet Ethan (Julie’s little boy) and experienced my first ever true Canadian traffic jam. There were no car problems, the hotel room in Missouri was clean, and I discovered that US gas prices are now lower than they were at the beginning of the summer. Yay!

Here are the pictures I so sincerely promised (and so rudely didn’t deliver). Some of them are taken by me, quite a few were taken by Dana or his dad, Don. All were promised over 2 weeks ago… oops.

First off, we camped in beautiful places.

Canoe-camping isn’t something I was at all familiar with before this trip. I’ll assume that your level of ignorance is similar. You canoe across lakes:

Unpack all your stuff…


And haul it to the next lake.

Including the canoe.

Rinse and repeat. It was a lot of fun.

On a very hot day, we hiked up to a place called Silver Peak.

On Silver Peak, we sat and absorbed the view and ate incredible snacks. Which reminds me…Yvonne (Dana’s stepmom) was in charge of the food that kept us energized enough to do all these crazy hikes/portages/paddles. She did an incredible job. In the seat of civility, when I have access to electricity and a kitchen, I don’t eat food as well-prepared as what she pulled out of those food barrels.

She and Don make a pretty good team.

Dana and I made a pretty good team; we just tended to excel at different things. For example, Dana really excelled at looking effortlessly windswept.

And I really excelled at realizing that I was going to miss Canada, and French, and a certain windswept redhead.

Niagara Falls, on our way back to Montreal, looked like this:

And the road, on the way back to Texas, looked the way roads leading home always do: long, familiar, bittersweet, and empty enough to be filled with whatever nostalgia and hope you’ve got lurking in your luggage.

Au revoir, l’ete.


Final notes:

This is my last post for a while (though I may continue with Wordless Wednesdays. Perhaps the pictures will even improve!). My final year of nursing school begins tomorrow morning, and so I’m putting the blog to rest for the academic year. Thank you so much for reading and following my travels this summer–all the correspondence I’ve received via emails and comments makes me feel incredibly blessed, and made some of the lonelier, “I’m-so-awful-at-French-and-even-the-dogs-in-this-city-know-I’m-a-foreigner” days much, much easier. You guys made me smile so much–and from a distance of 2000 miles, that’s no small feat!

So thanks for reading. It mattered to me.






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2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. you misspell summer in french, it’s not ete but été ! For the dog, they don’t understand my french accent neither when i speak english ! It’s nice to see you are/was having fun ! And say to Dina that i have finished his maple sirop while i was eating pancake.

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