Heels and Wheels

In a scene in Date Night, Tina Fey is clambering up a fire escape with her pretend-husband, Steve Carrell, and as she falls farther behind and gets more and more out of breath, she calls out, as cutely as only Tina Fey can, “Everything you’re doing, I’m doing in heels! I just want you to know that.”

It’s a good point.

Dana and I went on a date. I was told to meet him at work “dressed to the nines”, and so I did, figuring out what formal hairstyle I could fit under my bike helmet and what shorts I could wear under my dress. I put on make-up and heels and pretty earrings and tried to smell like something better than discount deodorant (I failed). I biked downtown and met him at work, where a coworker was kind enough to snap a picture of us looking all snazzy.

The date was wonderful, but I think I’m done biking in heels.

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One thought on “Heels and Wheels

  1. Doris O'Neal

    Shauna, Thanks for the Memory! It will always be one.

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