Thesis Thursday

Wordless Wednesday…Thesis Thursday…I’m on an alliteration kick.

Today is all about working on my Thesis–with a capital T, because it’s a project that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. I’m in an honors program in school, and one of the requirements of the program is that I work with a faculty mentor to conduct a research study. I work with a wonderful woman who studies how people live with less-than-able-bodies. When we got together my Sophomore year of college, we decided that my research should combine her interests–disability–with my interests–women’s health. The project itself got off to a bit of a rocky start, but in the Spring of 2011, I submitted my first research proposal, and within 48 hours I was open for business. Over the following months I conducted several interviews with some amazing women, and now I’m writing all about the things they told me.

Mainly, what they told me is that we’ve gotten better as a medical community. My “research question” is technically “How do Women with Mobility Impairments View Pregnancy?”, and compared with previous research, the answer is “more optimistically than they used to”.

There’s a pretty big disclaimer here: my study, which was very small, and qualitative, and featured a convenience sample, is not the most reliable of indicators–it’s a decent qualitative study, a great first effort for someone with only 1 semester of introductory research training, but it on it’s own is not going to make the nursing research community bat an eye.

Anyway. A big part of what made the women I interviewed so optimistic was the willingness of a medical provider to personalize treatment–whether that meant spending more time explaining a condition they had, or ensuring that transfers from wheelchair to examination table went smoothly. And you know what? Knowing that people who care are in my profession makes me feel pretty good.

The research is now done, the interviews completed, the conference presentation made (I had a huge poster, and it was awesome), and while my thesis is technically completed, I’m trying for publication-and even if I never get published for anything ever, I’d like to complete a solid round of revisions on this project, which has followed me for 2 summers now. The honors program has been very kind to me–but I’m about ready to put my Thesis to bed now.

Back to work!

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One thought on “Thesis Thursday

  1. Doris O'Neal

    good for you Shauna. I’M proud of the work you are doing!

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