Happy Birthday, Countries!

Happy Independence Day!

Across the border, Americans are buying fireworks, firing up barbecues, eating corn on the cob, wearing red/white/blue, drinking beer, and celebrating a revolution that occurred 235 years ago. Here, Canadians are buying coffee on the way to work, firing up alarm clocks, eating cheese, drinking beer, and celebrating the fact that once again, it is Monday.

But that’s kind of ok for them, because Friday, which was Canada’s 144th birthday, was nuts.

This is Parliament Hill in Ottawa, looking all smokey following a 21-gun salute for the Duke of Cambridge, who was there with his wife Catherine on their first tour as a married couple.

Finding a screen to watch festivities on was a major accomplishment–it’s estimated that 500,000 people (about 1/2 the population of Ottawa) were present for the celebration (and the royalty).

Catherine and William

Some of them wore hats.

Some wore capes.

Some wore facepaint.

What's black and white and red all over? These guys.

All were proud to be Canadian (or happy to be in Canada).

Happy Birthday USA! Wish I were there to celebrate.


Shout-out for another holiday that happens today:

Kate and Josh–Happy 2-year Anniversary, to two wonderful people who have an amazing love story! Yall picked a rather appropriate day to be married–the kind of marriage that survives cross-country moves and world-spanning military deployments is one that should be celebrated with fireworks and champagne.

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