Montreal, on Strike

Actually, Canada is on strike–both AirCanada and the postal service. So that’s fun.

I made it to Montreal, and oh, it is wonderful to be back in this gorgeous city. I got in around 1 pm last Saturday and drove about in a frenzy to find parking, but managed to find a space, and was unpacked completely by 3. The apartment is beautiful, with a lot of windows and wide windowsills, which the cats are quite enjoying. They’re also loving the hardwood floors (!), which make their toys much noisier.

The day after I got in, Dana (the aforementioned Boyfriend, if you read this blog last summer) and I went to the World BeerFest to celebrate my arrival and enjoy some brew from around the world (side note: in Quebec, I’ve been of drinking age since 18), and the skies opened like a wet paper sack when we were walking back to the multi-windowed apartment. My camera was soaked, his phone went for a swim, and my purse still hasn’t dried out. All appliances are now working again, but I, and this post, am pictureless. But never fear! Photographic evidence that I am, in fact, in Canada, is coming!

Love to you all!


p.s. I have no phone at all while I’m here. If you feel like you must contact me by phone, please send me a quick note, or comment on this post, and I’ll send you the number that I can be reached at (intermittently) here.

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