And so it begins…

Well, it appears that preparing for this year’s Canadian voyage is remarkably similar to preparations last year. This year is quite a bit more productive, though–instead of spinning my wheels, I’m actually accomplishing things (like an actual adult!).

This years preparations are different partially because this year’s trip is different–instead of blowing through Montreal like a very fascinated, excitedly travelling wind, I’ll be settling into a beautiful apartment (subleased from a wonderfully nice woman who is, among other things, an opera singer) for a little less than 2 months. That is time enough to breath in, and live in; that’s time enough to flounder into the murky waters of French, that’s time enough to try yoga and to cook things and to ride bikes– that is time enough to clear my brain of most things medical (well…to try, anyway), and that is hopefully time enough to ready myself for my final year of University, when I’m sure it will seems like everything I do is medical.

I’m excited.


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One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. kate bracher

    Adorable pictures next time because you’ll be at my house.. taking pictures of me…. and my animals?? 😉

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