Exploring Gunnison

In case you were wondering, I look excellent in a hospital gown.

Last Saturday, I got some mild stomach pain, which I quickly dismissed, chalking it up to a good time the night before (Friday night Boyfriend and I caught a FREE Jake Owen concert in Ogallala, Nebraska) and a higher amount of plants in my diet. By Monday, the pain had worsened, and Boyfriend and I were starting to have conversations like this:

Boyfriend: Maybe you should see someone.

Me: No, I’m fine. It only hurts when I move. Or eat. Or breathe deeply.

Boyfriend: …

So on Monday, we went to Crested Butte, where I quickly received a referral to Gunnison Valley ER. One barium sulfate milkshake and CAT scan later, it was determined that I had colitis, probably due to an infection of some sort–while it’s not serious at this point, it might have been if I’d waited to come in–I’m in the hospital for the next few days, drinking antibiotics and fluids through my elbow, and then I should be back to my happy-gut self. We’ve gotten a few lab tests back–the only bacteria I’ve tested positive for is a hemorrhagic form of e. coli, which is being flushed out of my system as I write this. I’m hoping to be discharged from the hospital by tomorrow or the day after.

This experience–from the IV which has been in my arm for over 24 hours now, to the cabin fever that results from being bed-bound, to learning how time seems to flatten and stretch in hospitals–is something that I hope will make me a better nurse one day. In 8 days I’ll start my clinicals, and I hope that the realities of hospital stays, experienced so recently before that beginning, are easy to remember. For now, it’s been fun to think of this as a new exploratory experience–I’ve never seen the inside of Gunnison’s hospital before, and perhaps by being here I know the town a little better.

Fun roadtrip fact: since leaving Montreal, Boyfriend and I agreed to do something stereotypically roadtrippy that would also teach our inner three-year-olds to count and identify colors: we would count yellow cars. It would be special, we said. We’ll probably only see half a dozen by the time we get to Austin, we theorized.

We broke 30 today.

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One thought on “Exploring Gunnison

  1. Rachel L

    Feel Better! I hope I get to see you and boyfriend back at the co-op, I will be home in a week exactly!

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