I made it! I’ll write a far more interesting, picture-filled post later, but I just wanted to let you wonderful people know that I made it to Montreal, QC, Canada–and it is so, so, so beautiful here (if a little overwhelming).

I arrived Friday afternoon in what felt like a bit of a whirlwind–the apartments here are beautiful (inside and out), but it’s really hard to examine gorgeous stairways, whimsical clotheslines (they seem whimsical, at least–I’m not convinced my apartment complex back home would allow them), and green parks while also paying attention to jaywalking pedestrians and bikes and French roadsigns. That night Boyfriend and I went for a walk and found a street that was almost all dress shops–it was quite the window-shopping experience.

Saturday night we went to see the weekly fireworks down in Old Port (Montreal hosts a fireworks display every Saturday night during the summer, just because they, like me and anyone else with an incredibly refined mind, recognize that it’s the season most worthy of celebration). They were easily the best fireworks I’ve ever seen, ever, but I (sadly) have no pictures, because I was stupid and forgot my camera. Here’s my short-version description: color. Lots and lots of color. More color, done with more skill, than I thought you could do with fireworks. The ending finale was a lighting up of the sky with monochromes in rapid succession–red, green, blue, white, gold. It was beautiful.

Sunday marked the start of a camping trip with friends in the Quebec countryside. We packed our tents, bought some food, and headed out to a family campground nestled between groups of small towns. There was so much to do locally–we visited a brewery (cidery? Brewery?I was distracted by a display of honey, which I tend to find more fascinating than alcohol), an orchard (hand-picked blueberries!), a great cafe (with a DAIRY BAR), and (finally) a chocolaterie.

Now I’m back in Montreal, taking a quick break from a self-guided tour of McGill University to write this. I’m sorry it’s so short and devoid of pictures, but know that more is coming soon! I hope life in the sweet, sweet south is just as grand as it is here. Bonne journee (have a good day!–I’m working on my fledgling French).

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