Velvet Ice Cream Factory

I like ice cream.

I like ice cream A LOT–I like eating it, I like making it well and I like making it badly, I like looking at pictures of it, I like conducting not-so-scientific experiments with it, I like going to ice cream factories(clearly), I like learning about it and I like swimming in it.

Or, I might like swimming in it if I were a duck:

Ducks swimming in the Ye Olde Mill pond, which is really just condensation piped out of the factory.

The factory has been around since the mid 1800, though it definitely hasn’t been in the ice cream industry that long (only for the last 4 generations). It’s past history includes stints as a sawmill and grain mill, which makes for some really interesting scenery around the grounds:

This waterwheel used to be used to power the plant, but recent renovations have stuck it on the side of a the main shop building, and it’s now just used to pump condensation water to the duck pond. Clearly, the above picture represents an item with a use. This, however, has never been useful:

This is clearly an ear of corn statue that has been painted to look like ice cream.

Following my tour of the one-room factory, I stopped in at the ice cream parlor to sample some of the goods. I had 67 flavors to choose from (!!!!!), and was slightly disappointed to find that you can’t buy flavors in quantities smaller than a scoop–I find this limiting. Nonetheless, I withstood this hardship and burden (sigh–it was quite difficult) and bought a 3-scoop cone: Double-fudge chocolate (chocolate is not their best flavor), chocolate chip cookie dough (great flavors, but not enough dough), and coconut almond (awesome. I want to smuggle some of this across the Mississippi).

It was delicious.

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One thought on “Velvet Ice Cream Factory

  1. MCWilson

    I am having so much fun following your vacation. Also, did you know that you are an excellent writer. You remind me of a Linda Ellerbee. She writes a colomn, but she also wrote a book called “Big Bites” It’s a travel log with some really neat recepies thrown in with her great stories. Have a great time in your travels.
    INVU. Much love, gramma Wilson

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