I’m actually, secretly, in Missouri now, and there is so much to write! I feel, however, like I should probably post travel tales in practically-sized, easily digestible chunks–so tonight, I’ll bring you through Oklahoma, and in the morning, I’ll take you to Missouri.

The girls (Lady, my beautiful, patiently almond-eyed Toyota Camry, and Bethany, my compact,  easily annoyed GPS) and I left Georgetown at about 9AM, heading north.One of the great things about driving through Texas is the variety of road-side sights. Below Dallas there are crispy brown cornfields and hay bales; north of the city there is green grass (!) and towns like Toco (population 89) or Paris (the last town before the Oklahoma border).

The part of Oklahoma that I was lucky enough to see is beautiful–rolling hills and trees that have needles and pine cones instead of flat leaves and acorns. The rolling hills made for some interesting roads, but nothing too narrow or windy–that will come in Colorado, for sure. I stopped in a lovely establishment called The Dairy Barn for a scoop of ice cream once I hit Antlers, OK, and then continued for the day, uninterrupted, towards Cedar Lake Campground (North Shore Loop).

I was pleased to discover, when I arrived at my destination, that my site was lake-side—as in, literally 20 feet or so from the lake. There was a small side-walk trail leading to somewhere fascinating, and I followed it, finding lots of plants and a dirt trail that circled the lake–I stopped my journey around the circumference and turned back once the spiderwebs over the trail got too thick.

I started this roadtrip thinking that the driving would exhaust me and that my stops, being hurriedly reserved and so much less important than my true destinations, would be things I would only want to see sporadically.

I figured I could glimpse my surroundings as I crawled into my backseat to sleep, and then again as I crawled back to the steering wheel, refreshed and ready to continue to much more important places.

I was so wrong. Setting up my tent was excellent. Feeling accomplished and stepping into my just-for-tonight home was excellent. Waking up in a tent was excellent. Stepping outside and seeing rabbits and herons and ducks was excellent. Traveling, overall, is excellent.

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