This past school year has been incredible–actually, all of college has been incredible, but this past year has just been insane–an exhausting whirlwind of events that have left me feeling like a very small, small being in a very big, big world.

She dislikes small beings.

The solution, of course, is a roadtrip.

I feel a bit like this is basic, instinctual–put most animals in a new enclosure, and they’ll trace the outside edges immediately, discovering all the corners to their new surroundings–I want to know what my boundaries are, I’ve never set out to explore the world before.

Active Explorers

My travels this summer with take me through Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Colorado (and other places–these are just where I know I’m stopping for a night or two). I’m excited about the places I’ll go and the ways they’ll shape me. I’m quite looking forward to finding out who I am away from home (and out of Texas–dear me, I love my home state).

Tonight I made reservations for the first leg of my journey:

July 14th–Leave home. Explore Heavener, Oklahoma

July 15th–Stay in Springfield, Missouri, with some dear friends!

July 18th–Stay in Louisville, Kentucky, with some dear friends!

July 21st–Explore Newport, Ohio

July 22nd–Explore Ives Run, Pennsylvania

July 23rd–Enter Canada and become hopelessly lost in Montreal

Before I go there, though, I get to go here, for a wedding:

And I get to go there tomorrow.

All in all, it will be a very exciting summer–and if yall want to come along via these scatter-brained posts, you are more than welcome.

To conclude:

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